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  • I've been working on my little game, just for myself, my friends, and my family and I was thought I was making real good progress. Got some pretty cool mechanics, nothing completely innovative, but fun (to me). The only thing I'm really lacking in is level design and graphics, but I kept trudging forwards. Then I browsed through the forum where people are posting images and/or videos of their work in progress, and wow... I'm blown away at what people are building with C2. Some truly inspiring and impressive stuff. And it all makes my own work look and feel like sewer sludge... Perhaps I'm not meant to be a game maker... lol

  • You can't let other peoples work discourage you! You should find what makes their projects awesome and be inspired! <img src="smileys/smiley16.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    How much experience have you had with game making? I've been around game making for many years, and I feel very confident on knowing how to make what I need, but I'd still say that my games don't reach an professional standard in comparison to things I've seen being made in Construct 2 by others.

    I also draw my own art which I have no real knowledge on how to do it, so most of my stuff looks like something drawn in MSPaint by a 5 year old with a bit of gradient on it :P I just guess and hope and use the techniques I do know and keep on going.

    Looking at games such as Loot Pursuit, AirScape, Super Ubi Land, and a bunch of other games on the Arcade, makes me inspired and motivated, as you can see just what sort of stuff is capable of being created in Construct 2 as long as you understand the logic :P

    If you're confident, care to share a video or something about your game? Judging by your post, I presume you may not like criticism, which is fair enough if you don't wish to share anything. I think you may be underestimating yourself though!

  • I get how you feel entirely. I feel that way often when looking at art on places like cghub. :P

    However, a while ago, my sister met a very well known and successful artist who is often agreed to be one of the best in his field. While talking, he went off about all the mistakes and problems in the pieces he makes.

    No matter how good you get, chances are you'll always feel you could do better. No one starts out a master! I agree that you should let those works inspire you and be something to strive to be able to achieve. :)

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  • As Arima said:

    "No one starts out a master!"

    You don't have to compare what you have done with other things that had been done by more experienced users, no, you should see them as what you'll be able to do one day, and even more, the first ever video game I did wasn't that great, but I knew that it was only the beginning.

    Learn from your experiences, something is bad with your game?Remember that for the next time, and also look at the good things of your game, people tends to see the bad points more than the good points, but being able to see what you think you did great is also really good.

    Perfection don't exist, and perfect people can't improve at all, you can improve, like any of us can, and that is what you shall remember.

  • I'm confident in the mechanics I've built, but I'm not at all confident in the graphics or the level design. I'm not giving up (thought about it) because I'm having fun doing it. But I know I won't ever release it to the public :)

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