Most disasterous thing to happen to your project?

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  • Yo

    So moments ago today, I was experiencing a weird thing in C2 and my computer, and almost lost my project, even backups were buggering up (Long story short, the backups that C2 creates were storing previous backups, so the more I saved, the more space seemed to go in my computer) I could have avoided this by saving a backup in another medium than my main HDD, so whoops lol.

    You can read what happened to me in this thread:

    Thankfully, I had SOME backup that wasn't corrupt and I can recreate a weeks work of work which I'm pretty damn happy to do since I got to keep my project in the first place!

    So everyone, what memorable disastrous things have happened to you whilst you were developing a game? I find it's usually at times where you mind-numbingly program, forgetting to save, thinking "Just one more event"... then bam, you loose all the work you've had from a random software crash, or a power cut, or a massive wasp flies in through your window and you crap yourself, and decide to pelt towards the door but accidentally knee the Power button which has the old "Instant Power Off" function for the power button, and loose all your hard work (true story).


  • Well ... It was with Construct Classic , 2 years , it wasn't really stable , so it crashed a lot ... Anyways , I was making a fighting game with ripped off naruto sprites , it was my first project , then I was going out , I wanted to add one last event and then , kabam , the thing is that I didn't save at all , I ragequitted for a period , I rememeber <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • I had 800+ event project with lots of function calls. At some point, I noticed I had been using rex's function plugin (which is great!) instead of official function plugin which I intended to use. This was before the replace feature implementation, was a bit of clicking.. :)

  • 800+ events hmm... vee41, where are you published commercial games?!

  • 800+ events hmm... vee41, where are you published commercial games?!

    Just lots of prototypes, nothing commercial yet. :)

  • These near miss, corrupt save stories always give me the goose bumps!

    Only thing I can think, that is no Construct 2 at all !!!

    <Add dramatic timpani and horrific scream here>

    Just recently, in fact, I had the misfortune of more important things to do...

    The day started, like any other, I woke at the keyboard my screen saver casting light on last nights pizza...

    I needed to be in work within the hour, worse still, it was a Wednesday, would I ever get that quick draw badge?...

    Leaving a "Me" shape pattern of crumbs on the chair, I headed to the bathroom...

    Eight long hours ahead of me, the Scirra cog of ideas, rotating, tormenting....

    Maybe someone should do a "You know when you have been using construct 2 too much" thread.. <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Construct Classic for me too. Worked on a game that had well over 100 events. It broke when CC was updated and it wouldn't load the project. There were so many bugs in the version I had saved with that I either had to redo with the new CC, or just suck it up and keep going. Well, I just gave up ;p

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