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  • Hello Community!

    I have a Problem since 1 Month.

    My notebook can run only 20min a 3D Game with DirectX, then it crashed without a bootscreen or info.

    I dont know, whats the problem.

    I am reinstall NVIDIA Drivers, defrag, cleaning with CCleaner, registry cleaning with Tuneup.

    * reinstall DirectX

    DirectX 2D working well without problem.

    The ventilator running alltime, but under tasks i cant see a exe that have a high CPU.

    Where i can find a crash log or fix this problem? :S

    sorry for my bad english.

    Edit: I think, my GPU Temperature is too high: 60�C isnt normally? *without using a game*

    regards, Turok.

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  • what graphics card do you have?

  • If you get a blue screen error it's a problem with your drivers or graphics card, not Construct. If it takes 20 minutes before it happens it may be overheating and rebooting. Check your graphics card temperature immediately after it reboots, or try improving ventilation (get a new fan for it, or try taking the side of the computer case off and running a fan in to it).

  • I am cleaning the ventilator and now its working very well.

    thank you!

    regards, Tur0k.

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