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  • Hi chaps!

    Well, it's been a fair old while since I stopped by or made games and stuff (focused on creating digital comics at the moment) but I was wondering if anyone's been keeping up with the whole VATMOSS debacle? In short, from January 1st, if you sell any digital products (including downloadable games) in any of the 28 EU countries, you will be required to pay VAT taxes (in a fashion that it almost impossible for 'micro businesses' such as ourselves to do, due to the maddening complexities of the laws) even if you only make £1. Anyway, you can read a lot more about it on Down The Tubes (a comics website) here:

    It's all maddeningly confusing stuff, and doesn't apply to everyone as if your product is sold through a big games marketplace they are liable for the taxes instead of you (though if you sell on your own website, you may have problems). There's a lot on Twitter about it, under #VATMOSS, and I'd recommend taking a look or signing the petitions if you think you'll be affected.

    If anyone's already covered this elsewhere on the forum, then apologies for waffling on about all this rather boring stuff!

    • Dave
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