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  • Hello to everyone,

    I have question ,if someone can help i`ll be greatfull .

    I`m developing Movie poster quizz for Android , and i saw something very odd . Most of movie quizz apps out there,are with screenshots from movies or artwork of somekind but they did`t use official posters or covers with removed headlines .

    Is there any legal reason for that ?

    I mean using official movie posters , is fragmenting intelectual property or something ?


  • Yes, poster ads and cover art are all covered by Copyright laws. If you use them in your app, you can (and most likely will) face some legal action unless you can get permission from the controlling company. This is especially true if you intend to market or profit from your app.

  • Thanks for the quick replay . What about screenshots ? If i use screenshots from every movie it self , is this going to be legal problem as well ?

    If yes then i`m left with only one option , to make illustration for every movie, based on posters.But then again i heard in some topics around the net , that even using real movie names in my game can "hurt" me . And there is no way around that , after all my players have to answer movies with real names .

    If anyone have some information about that .....


  • The truth is, any time you are trying to make money off of a product produced by someone else without their express permission, there is the possibility you could face legal action. There are "Fair Use" laws that give some leeway here and, if you intend to continue with this project, you will want to become very familiar with them. However, you need to remember these companies have high priced lawyers to help protect their product. Even if you think you are within your rights, you may find yourself in a nasty legal situation you can't afford to fight.

    Now, if you want real legal advice, you should discuss this project with a lawyer. I am a software developer who has studied Copyright laws a little to know how to protect my own assets but most people here in the forums, myself included, really aren't qualified to give legal advice on your project.

    I hope this helped and good luck with your project (whatever it turns out to be).

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  • Thanks , it helped .

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