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  • As part of a current project in C2, I'm developing a desktop simulator. I've been writing a plug-in to handle the windows, and I thought I would ask for a general consensus on which critical components should be included in a window object.

    Currently, I have the following:

    • resizable, draggable window (obviously)
    • title bar
    • close, minimize, expand buttons
    • functionality for adding general components to a window (buttons, text boxes, etc.)
    • functionality for adding custom components to a window
    • resizing and scaling functionality for components when window is resized

    Maybe I am over thinking this, but does anyone have any suggestions as to any functionality I should or could add?

    I'm really not intending to make this a fully functioning interface, but I want to make sure I make the simulation as real as possible.



    To Do

    • Scroll Bars
    • Modal windows, with focus
  • Scrollbars?

  • Scrollbars?

    I suppose that is an obvious one. <img src="smileys/smiley9.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Modal windows? That is, if you have window A and it spawns modal window B, you cannot interact with window A until B is dealt with. Similarly, modal window B might spawn modal window C, and you cannot interact with B or A until you deal with C

  • Modal focus too. So the active window is highlighted and the inactive has a lower opacity, or is greyed out.

  • Wooo ! Meaning there is no more scaling problems ?

  • Wooo ! Meaning there is no more scaling problems ?

    Whiteclaws, which scaling problems do you mean?

  • Delete the black borders without affecting the game resolution ...

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  • Wastrel, have you been able to work around having a modal window, something like what comes up when you want to view a picture in facebook

  • Dasat, no, I only got about half way through that project when I had to quit working on it and start working on something else. I still have that project on the back burner though.

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