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  • Why can't I find my "aid mobarak" topic ?

  • Because those are the forums of an international game making community.

    Religious and politics posts have nothing to do here and are moderated.

    If you want to talk about those subjects, go to Reddit or some other forums.

    If you had read the PM I sent you days ago, you would know and haven't had to post this question.

    Read your PMs when you have some.

  • Then why have you accepted the ''happy ramadan'' topic?

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  • Why do you want it deleted too?

  • At a guess I'd say that it's because you used "aid" instead of "eid" - aid sounds like a political call to action, which wouldn't really be relevant on a game developer forum.

    Eid was also about two weeks ago so it's hardly relevant - at the end of the day it's at the discretion of the staff.

  • At the end of the year we accept Christmas wishes. Although it is indeed a religious feast, it's also a tradition that even people not practicing the religion may follow.

    Ramadan is also a religious feast/step, but all the topic was about was wishing a happy period of fasting and is, like Christmas, a celebration time.

    I believe that Ramadan is "as big" as Christmas might be in terms of non-muslim people still knowing what feast it is and what it refers to.

    I must also admit that I know about Ramadan but did not about "Eid Mubarak" (which after search is the ending feast of the fasting period).

    Indeed, seeing the original post using the ortograph "Aid", I though it was about helping some politic prisoner or something of the like.

    Also in the same order of idea, if Christmas is tolerated for Christians in our forums, there are not necessarily mentions of all the saints or all the feast around the whole year.

    And those doesn't need to be celebrated on our game making forums anyway either.

    Best would possibly have been to simply wish the "Eid Mubarak" in the "Happy Ramadan" topic, wouldn't it ?

    That kind of have made a lot more sense then a simple "Nuff said" that was the content of your other topic, and just sounded like w/e.

  • I think this is a tricky issue because as much as people's intentions may be positive, religion is one of those contentious issues that on the Internet easily ends up in flamewars. We are very cautious in the types of posts we allow on the subject. It is very, very difficult to draw any specific lines on what is and is not acceptable. We fully intend to be welcoming and tolerant of people from all cultures and beliefs, and we would only remove posts for the practical purposes of ensuring the forum is a friendly, welcoming and generally neutral place for all. We use our best judgement for this but it's hard to have a perfect attitude to this.

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