You gave it away on your site, then lied about it. You are still giving it away on your site - even though it doesn't work anymore.

    At 12 years old I new what you did was wrong, and i would never do it. Your word means nothing. All a man has is his integrity and you flushed yours down the toilet.

    I wouldn't trust you with an egg because you would probably throw it at me.

    Word of advice. Take Construct 2 off your site NOW, you are giving away a broken version. You are going to annoy the wrong guy who will hack you / ddos you / pay you a visit. I found your address very easily. Don't annoy the wrong kinds of people. Scirra have been good to you, and are nice people. But, you get some really weird/sick people out there. Be careful not to annoy them by making them click adfly, then fill out questionare that spams their cellphone, only to get a broken software.

    Learn from this, become a better man. Earn your trust back (no you probably won't ever get C2) but trust is for a lifetime. Earn it back, cherish your integrity as it is your most vital asset.

    You're 12, and are already shaping your future. You have time to become whomever you want. It's your choice. It's your life. I'm wish you the best, because if you start your online venture the way you have, you will loose everything. Online reputation is vital, you mess with it, it will follow you forever.


    What makes what you did so bad, is you have robbed another little boy from asking Scirra for a free liscense, because scirra probably won't give another one away because of you. You have stolen his hopes/dreams (that you might have too) - you robbed him.

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    On rare occassions we did give out a free license to some people that asked who were in difficult circumstances.

    This goodwill has more than once ended up becoming a huge headache, we've changed our policies now and do not do this any more.

    We're happy to issue licenses to libraries so that people who can't afford Construct 2 can still use it. However, the library has to contact us directly to request them.

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