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  • So, I was listening to this cool new podcast and as a side-effect got curious about the word "construct".

    I heard two different syllable stresses: construct and construct. Now from the dictionaries I learned that the first is the noun, while the latter is the verb.

    Of course, someone like me just has to know what you all interpret "construct" to be: the verb or the noun? I always stressed the first syllable

    And how about you, Ashley and Tom, was the noun on your mind or the verb, when the software was created some 8 or so years ago? I'm pretty sure that nowadays you don't really care, but how was it back then?

  • In my British accent I say construct (does the underlining make sense? ), but obviously different people have different accents! There's not the one true way to speak...

  • I've always thought as the definition 'feeling' more like a noun, rather than a verb, as in "a complex idea resulting from a synthesis of simpler ideas".

    This just feels right to me, as the software allows you to use the simplistic event system to create quite complex outcomes.

  • tulamide I love dumb stuff like this. heh..

    I'm American, I say CONstruct as well.

    I think of it as a noun just because it's software. conSTRUCT would seem really weird to me.

  • I just call it Seetoo.

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  • tulamide, I hope it's not my accent that made you doubt on how you should say construct. Now that I think about it, I don't even know how I say it... *imagine me saying construct out loud, 20 times, in front of my computer* I think I say CONstruct.

  • Now I am going to be totally thinking about this on our next podcast. Thanks a lot

  • Thank you all for sharing it with me! I really am just curious. Yes, sometimes I'm coming around the corner with some weird stuff

    Now I am going to be totally thinking about this on our next podcast. Thanks a lot

    I would love to say I'm sorry. But truth is, I'm not!

  • I said construct until I remembered that yes, construct is the noun and construct is the verb. Using the verb made more sense to me, until I heard someone else say it construct and then I was confused and so now I say both interchangeably!

    I vote for official pronunciation as construct. ;D

  • I shall call it C2 from here on out.

  • I vote for official pronunciation as construct. ;D

    Me too

    I shall call it C2 from here on out.

    So you're following the anarchistic path of newt?

    But remember, that's two syllables as well. So, will it be seetoo or seetoo?

  • Const struct too

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