Will the Death of Flash actually push HTML5 up?

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  • Looks like major companies are going to drop Flash soon. Chrome is one of them, citing security loopholes they were recently made aware of. I am not sure about the other alternatives for Flash out there, but do you think this might force many to reconsider and better support html5? Could this be the big break html5 needed?

  • I don't think Flash will ever go away - there's over a decade's worth of existing content on the web using Flash, such as from all those Flash game arcades all the way through 2000-2010, and some websites still use it. But I think it will definitely encourage adoption of HTML5. Firefox just (temporarily I think) disabled Flash due to the latest security vulnerabilities. I'm glad we don't have a Flash engine, otherwise I can imagine our forums flooded with upset users!

    Shumway is an interesting project - it's an SWF player implemented in HTML5... that could allow browsers to drop the Flash player but keep support for running SWFs!

  • Ashley, haha yes I guess it is almost impossible for Flash to just be considered obsolete, and I'm sure Adobe is working on a fix or something to replace it. It is definitely a win if other browsers all start taking html5 that much more seriously.

    Nice, if Shumway gets more exposure and support, this will also be a great benefit to all of us here as browsers will get another reason to go html5.

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  • If Adobe can not fix defect of Flash, it's will be extrude

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