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  • Anyone played it?

    Here's a trailer


    and some gameplay


    As a Polish citizen I must say, that is officialy the best Polish made game I ever played. ;P

    After huge Witcher 2 failure I honestly thouht our game developers have lost their minds releasing that kind of crap.

    I'm glad to be wrong!

    Dead island have everything what zombie avenger needs:

    • beautiful beach
    • zombies
    • terrifying city
    • huge arsenal of weapons - which can be upgraded and modified!
    • zombies
    • girls in bikinis ^^
    • pretty audio visual dressing
    • zombies - think i mention that already ;)
    • multi layer character skins (don't know proper name) - you can cut, scratch, smash, break, burn, slice.. that poor creatures

    If some of you get chance to play it, I really recomend that.

    My favourite move is to get yourself a machete and wait for them to run at you at full speed. Then crouch and hit they legs. That's beautiful :D

  • well...the game was supposed to be more like Project Zomboid but they aimed for a more casual public, so they screwed the game and made a Fallout 3/NV clone with zombies.

    mixing genre is not usually a good idea, the RPG and perk stuff don't belong in this kind of game where brain and skill is the smartest way to survive.

    I wont talk about Special moves...

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  • After huge Witcher 2 failure I honestly thouht our game developers have lost their minds releasing that kind of crap.

    What's going on here? Witcher 2 failure? I thought that game was great!

    About DEAD ISLAND: I think it's very enjoyable, although it has its flaws. Initially I thought it would be a straight action adventure, but it actually works pretty well as "half-assed" action rpg. Skilltrees and perks are in every other game these days, you kind of get used to it.

    There hasn't been a game that lets the player mess with zombies in an open world like that. DEAD RISING (2) tried, but was annoying because of stupid time limits and horrible controls.

    Also I certainly hoped DEAD ISLAND was even more serious in tone. The damage you deal and XP appearing on screen gives an arcade vibe. There's more to critize like a lot of backtracking and a general repetitive feel. But to me it's one of those games that you play anyway. Especially when you join some friends in the onslaught! The coop-mode rocks.

    Overall I'd say it's so far the game that manages to hit closest to what I would like to call "a true zombie atmosphere", one that relates to everybody's favorite genre movies. Recommended!

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