Dead Frontier Online - Free Zombie MMO

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  • I'm checking it out. It's based on the single player flash game Dead Frontier, which for a flash game especially is really good IMO. ...

    Use that link to join if you want to help me out in the game. I get $1000 in the game if you join and make it to level 10.

    It's an overhead view game with really nice graphics and an atmospheric creepy city full of zombies. If you want to check out the single player game (which isn't as gun as the online multiplayer) you can check it out: ... er-night-1

    Anyway, might see you online sometime... let me know if you join up we can play together, though I'm still a noobie right now as well. Level 2 I think


  • Tried the single player version.

    I couldn't find a way to leave the house if there is one. I played until a tank-like zombie came in, I killed it and then nothing else came in. there were 2 zombies that spawned outside at some point that couldn't get in and i couldn't get out.

    Is the multiplayer version anything like that?

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  • No, the multiplayer version is in a big city where you can roam freely. You gain aggro the more zeds you shoot making more come to that spot. Also, you can go inside buildings and look for loot, as well as barricade the doors up so they cant get in. You can also capture buildings and make your very own outpost.

    It's pretty cool...

    I'm a level 11 character already, and I'm specialising in shotguns and melee


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