Currently wondering which path to go in Computer Science

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  • I graduated from high school in may and I'm in the in between of what i want to do for the rest of my life. Its a difficult thing to realize after a couple years of spending time on the computer playing with many different ideas and getting a feel for all that computers have to offer. One thing i realized in my life is i love programming. So that is something i never want to give up and want to keep venturing onto. I have explored many different parts of Computer Science such as Cryptography , Compiler and Language Design, Game Development, OS Development, Security and Virus Development and then to other topics like software development.

    I have come to the road block that college is this coming fall and its not like i have to decide now because computer science major is a very open major at least from my understanding i'm going in to learn C/C++. But what does that get me? I'm currently going to a community college for the first 2 years then have plans to transfer to a big university to make it cheaper on me.

    I guess i should make this shorter then my life story lol, I played around with many languages in the past and never settled down on one and thats kind of how i have been with what i want to do when i get into a career. Any suggestions in this? If i make any sense at all?

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  • I would proceed with computer science, or software engineering.

    in my opinion, learning c++ is a good place to start. Aside from the fact that it's still widely used in the game industry if you decide to go that route, it's also extremely powerful, and isn't really too quirky in any way, so when you try to learn more languages later, it will usually seem C-like enough that you can learn them very rapidly

    after a year or two when you get a feel for what you like, it'll be easier to see if there is something you want to specialize in.

  • I'd go for learning C# or Java first - they are simpler in a lot of ways and easier for beginners (unless your college requires C++ or something else). After that, a specific programming language should not be important to an experienced programmer, since they share a lot of concepts in common and each should be treated as a tool suitable for certain jobs.

    So I'd be more concerned with career path, the university course itself, your lecturers, etc.

  • Ive been programming in C# for a couple months now and starting to taking a liking to it. Ive also done a few months of C/C++ programming. I have experience with a broad range of languages(C/C++, C#, python, lua,php, javascript, visual basic etc) the only real ones i never been exposed to would be ASM-like languages.

    Thanks for the advice guys it helped me see where i should be aiming for.

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