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  • Hi all! I thought I'd start a topic so we can all just chat about what we're playing at the moment, so we can discuss the games with others, find co-op buddies or get recommendations from others. That sound good?

    I've been playing Gears of War 3, Splinter Cell: Conviction and Minecraft lately and loving them all.

    Oh and I bought 'Ben There, Dan That' and 'Time Gentlemen Please' off Steam - has anyone else played them? If you like Broken Sword or Monkey Island they're well worth a go.

  • -Minecraft (getting really boring)

    -Spiral Knights ( Love it but the devs are super greedy. Anyone notice how f2p games are the most expensive?)

    -My own incomplete games (sigh)

    -Donkey Kong Country Returns (Awesome at first, now very repetitive and boring)

    -La-Mulana (Best game I've played in 10 years)

  • I am playing lately


    -Starcraft II

    -HON (Heroes of newerth)

    -WOW (world of warcraft) (Starts getting boring)


    • Ofc Mincraft that ROCK despite the graphics

    Im going to play Dawn of War Retribution today for my first time after i updated it, How is it?

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  • Aw that's a shame you're not enjoying DKCR, I really enjoyed it - it's frustrating at times but I think the level design was excellent. I just didn't enjoy some of the bosses the location of my remote's sync button meant I kept hitting it while playing (stupid GAME's own brand crap).

    Spiral Knights? Never heard of that, I think I'll look into it.

    How is Darkspore? I've not seen much of it but thought it sounded like an interesting expansion on Spore.

  • It is like WOW were you equip armor and new weapons and you can create your own character form 100 diffident races every character has a role like a Healer,Dps (damage),Tank,supporter...

    its really nice and the graphics is much better than spore, Only bad thing is the updates it like 4GB!

    • Portal 2
    • Mass Effect 2
    • Left 4 Dead 2, both Campaign and Versus Mode (I think I have an unhealthy addiction to versus mode, I can't stop playing it!)
    • Crysis 2

    So yeah, I'm playing all sequels...

  • Dead Island - This game is pretty fun, it's pretty much like playing in a campy B horror movie. Plus its a pretty long game and should keep me entertained for a while.

    Realm Of The Mad God - Simple little flash MMO that has neat retro graphics and easy to just pick up and play.

  • A song i'm working on for someone XD But played quake live just an hour ago. 2 days ago replayed portal and beofore that i spen 115h with xenoblade chronicles.

  • I'm playin GTA San Andreas multiplayer (SAMP) on a RP server and i'm really having fun, i've spent about 48 hour this week playing this game.If you want to join me,i leave the address here and my nickname is Slevin_More

    HostName: San Andreas Roleplay


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