Crowdfunding for New Game: F1 Manager 2016

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  • I live in Brazil and would like to develop games for Windows and Android, and for that I need to buy a license for Construct 2 program.

    The Personal license costs $ 130.00 and have no condition to buy. If you help me with this development will put your name in the credits of the game, and the mechanics too. If a company put its logo on the cars as sponsor teams and the first screen of the game.

    Link for help:

  • I think you need to talk more about your experience, show some concepts, who is involved and what the expected timeline is. Right now it just looks like a 5 minute idea with no plan.

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  • I agree with IndieKiwi and it might also be useful to demonstrate what you're able to do with your idea using the free licence, then explaining specifically what you need the extra features of a paid licence for.

  • I'm creating using the Portuguese language, but the player can choose between English and Portuguese. Already I have created a selection of drivers, databases of drivers, teams, tires, circuit ... I'm finishing the layout qualifier and race.

    But I need to upgrade the version to finish my project when launching the game. I really am every day working on this project which will be very detailed.

  • Ar you able to publish a stripped down introduction to your game - to demonstrate the potential?

  • Don't you need a license to use real team and driver names?

  • And those images?

  • Don't you need a license to use real team and driver names?

    yes, but will be putting fictitious names when complete.

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