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  • Am I the only one to find the forum rules CRAZY?

    1.It say's we can't discuss piracy and jay walking! Why not? It's not illegal to discuss such matters.

    The piracy rule might have something to do with thee fact that C2 is not free. Just say then that linking to or discussing illegal C2 downloads is forbidden?

    2.It say's you can't be homophobic, but let's all remember that GOD say's it's a sin to lay with another man such as you lay with a woman.

    3. It says we can't discuss drugs, I agree with that, although I have seen alot of posts about drinking and smoking!? Should this be allowed? Alchohol is one of the most dangerous and addictive drugs in the wold, albeit commonly used.

    Our privacy is said to be important, yet Google+ and Gavatars are deeply implemented in the forum. We can't even get some medals if we don't use google+. We don't have much choice!

    The rules seem very stict.

    You should be able to use as many accounts as you wish. Why not?

    It gives the impression Construct is more populare and has a wider user base, also some of use like having many accounts when we need to be more private.

  • Our rules really are not strict. Treat each other with respect is basically all we ask and everyone seems to be coping fine with this.

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  • To be honest the forum rules are pretty editorial. Technically discussion of those things is not allowed, but where we feel it is reasonable we do allow discussion, but reserve the right under the rules to stop the discussion at any time.

    For example point #2 is something many people are very opinionated about and can cause clashing strong views. That's a fact of life, but we'd rather it not happen here on the forums, there are other better places to discuss that kind of thing. For that reason I'm also locking this thread.

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