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  • How bad is cow milk for humans? Perhaps not -very- bad.

    I only drink "Rice Dream milk" and "Oat drink milk" and put it on my cornflakes

    Here's what I found

    "Milk approved by the USDA meets allowable somatic cell counts (essentially an allowable level of blood & pus that determines the quality of the milk), so yes there is blood & pus in milk.

    It is not propaganda; it's merely a fact.

    Source(s):" ... 441AAlwHA2

    Blood in milk?

    "Yes about a drop per olympic size swimming pool of milk. There are always impurities allowed per million liters etc. in all foods. these levels are deemed safe. For example, there is a number of fly parts allowable per million liters; allowable insect parts (including their droppings) in vegetables and fruits. Of course you are familiar with the worm in the apple thing although finding one is not so bad as finding a half one or not finding one at all which means you may be chewing a worm whole." ... 627AAaXzeN

  • If you were really worried about impurities in your food then you wouldn't be eating food. There's impurities in everything, even the most wholesome sounding organic stuff. The whole "there's blood and pus in milk" is a fact yes, but it's also a scare tactic used by the PETA crowd. Guess what, there's cow's blood in your steak too! OMG NOOOOooo

    Anyway, cow's milk is fine unless you're lactose intolerant. Like me. Then it's pretty much a hateful poison that makes your guts explode.

    Oh and I prefer vanilla Silk to Rice Dream.

  • Hey, we need the bacteria to survive. Beneficial bacteria and all that in our intestines.

  • Perfect inmaculate purity does not exist in real life. It's a mental construct.

    then again I don't care much. If food falls to the floor, I pick up and eat it. And I have dogs in he house, so... yeah. As long as it doesn't make me sick, I'm good. I have defenses.

  • Wait till he reads the part about cheese.

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  • It's a mental construct.

    pun intended.

  • If food falls to the floor, I pick up and eat it.

    True story. Our bodies are pretty resilient to impurities - think what we ate evolving out in the wild. It's unnatural that things are as pure as they are these days! So I think the "eww" reaction is over the top.

    Ever seen the sun shining through a gap in some curtains in a dark room? It basically lights up the massive amount of dust swirling around in the room. We're breathing that crap all the time, and most people do OK.

  • The less impurities we get, the lower our immune systems will get, basically de-volving D:

    We've evolved to deal with this stuff, so it's nothing to worry about at all.

    (Basically the same thing as everyone else has been saying...)

  • I like milk and have drank it all my life, and am still here and in great health.

    As far as the blood. We as infants ate much worst. Infants touch everything and put there hands into there mouths. People do not even sterilize bottle anymore.

    ... worms are high in protein!

  • Milk is good... yummy but anyways if you would get 100 percent clean stuff to eat or drink you would die. It's just too clean we need lots of bacteria as example for our systems to work. Think about when you kiss your GF or wife etc there's millions of bacteria (well not millions maybe but u never know) lips.

  • and you never know where she's been....

    XD kidding of course

  • Because of all replies I could occasionally drink chocolatemilk when away from home.

    And feel healthy.

    Here, body, i found more specimens for you. Analyze, learn from it and destroy it. More power to my body

    If this was a peta forum, perhaps most would say: hell yeah! + amen

    And I would be even more afraid of cowmilk.

    I am influenced so easily^^

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