How much should I make this cost?

    I made a new template, and this one took me quite some time to design and make it function properly. Please give me your opinion on how much you think it should cost on the Scirra store.

    You seem rather interested in making money.

    Have you given any thought to making games?

    Yeah, I actually have a game I'm working on, but I'm trying to sell assets to make enough money for the license so that I can publish to the app stores. My long term goal is to build a business out of this.

    And why should they allow you to make money off of C2 before you purchase a license?

    Is that fair to all the other people that read the terms and followed them?

    Is that fair to people that actually purchased a license?

    Are you even producing something worth someone else's money?

    I bought the $25 license in the asset store. It allows me to sell templates, games, graphics, audio and more if I make a one time payment of $25. That is where I would be selling this template.

    It allows you to sell assets you have copyright of.

    You need a different license to use C2 commercially.

    I think we might have confused one another. Let me start over.

    So anyways, I bought the $25 asset store license. I am putting my new asset I created up for sale tomorrow, but I'm not sure how much it is worth. That's why I was asking.

    My long term goal is to buy a license so that I can publish my current game I am working on to app stores and make even more later on. I would like to make game developing a business instead of just a hobby.

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    Also, the reason I bought the $25 license, was because I was hoping to profit off of it and make quality assets and then earn enough for the personal license.

    What newt is saying is you can't make a profit using the free version of C2. You need a personal license at least to sell games/templates/ etc

    Assets/music etc you can sell on the store without a license as long as you don't use C2 for anything that you sell.

    Brandon Vasek

    Quote from the Licensing Agreement:

    [quote:32v5kkex]The Free Edition is permitted for use by anyone for non commercial use.

    Commercial use counts as but is not limited to: use within any business (other than limited testing for suitability), generating advertising revenue, selling or licensing generated content or intention or capability to generate revenue.

    In other words, you are not allowed to make any revenue from the free version - full stop. No discussion.

    That would also mean - as far as I can see, Tom will verify - that using a free version of C2 to create a template that you are then trying to sell is also not permitted under the terms of the C2 licensing agreement.

    I would have thought that in order to sell templates, proof of a C2 license would be required, as that type of asset needs to be created within C2. Again, hopefully Tom will have a say on this.

    Brandon Vasek I'm afraid everyone is right, the free edition is strictly for non commercial use. This means if you create CapX files and wish to sell them, you need to own at least a Personal Edition license.

    This conversation would probably be better had by email, would you like to email me on tom at We're a reasonable bunch!

    Okay thanks everyone for the replies. Yeah, I'll email you Tom, thanks.

    I think this thread has run it's course so locking.

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