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  • This thread serves to discuss the legality when you are selling games using scirra store.

    okay, first of all buying exclusive assets from others does not grants me the right to resell the assets.

    What i get from buying exclusive assets is the right to make commercial games, what i cant do is resell them as assets.

    What i can sell with my scirra store seller account?

    royalty free assets:

    yes - i need to do all drawings from scratch.

    no - i cant resell exclusive assets i bought from others.

    games with source:

    yes - i need to provide credits of images i used.

    unsure - can i use exclusive assets i bought from others?

    Just trying to sort out a more friendly version of guidelines to follow,

    of course the discussion here holds no legal advice or responsibility.

    The actual Licensing Agreement is at

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