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  • Hello,

    I was searching for a new way of storing files online and discovered this amazing service.

    Save is a new Cloud system, where you start with 15GB free, and if you're invited, you gain 5GB, plus, 5GB for each person you invite.

    Feel free to join to your 20GB account =]

    Dropbox is amazing, but they are losing market to Copy after the transfer system making the transfer of the files automatically for you, and for free.

    Also, they have a nice feature to improve the use in team:

    "We believe in a simple concept of fairness. Everyone paying for the same data they are sharing doesn’t work for us. We think that’s like going to dinner together and everyone having to pay the entire bill. People sharing content should equally divide the amount of storage being used. With Copy, you can split the bill. So a 12 GB folder shared between 3 people only counts as 4 GB per person."

  • Copy was already introduced here a long time ago.

  • Didn't found while searching, before posting this topic.

    I need to update my links because they are transferring to copy right now.

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  • Copy was already introduced here a long time ago.

    It was, and back then the referral system didn't have a limit. My copy account has 5TB of free storage due to referrals, but now I think the most you can get through the referral program is 25GB.

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