Cool idea for a game someone could make.

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  • Cos of my system, I can't really use Construct much yet, but I was playing with the physics and had an idea someone may wanna make <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" />

    You start in a scrollable platform-style area, and you have a set number of people (e.g. 6). You also have various building components, like bricks, collumns, blocks, rafters, etc.

    Your objective is to build a structure around the little people, to act as their castle.

    However, it must be strong, and you must be quick, because when the timer ticks its last, all hell breaks loose, and the storm winds start coming.

    The winds (basically invisible objects being blown at the walls from different angles) will knock at your walls, and you may get fire and brimstone too (the latter will burn any wooden materials you used). Or there may be an Earthquake (the floor shakes everything above it).

    As the blocks fall, you can shore the building up (by placing a block to catch the roof just before it caves in, for example), but you must prevent your little people from dying.

    You get awarded points on a per-person basis:

    For each person alive, you're rewarded by:

    • The length of time that person has survived
    • How high he is (people stored higher up earn more points, because it's more dangerous)

    You're given penalties for the death of a character, like -100 points or something.

    The longer the game goes on, the worse the disasters become, so winds and earthquakes get stronger, brimstone is more common, etc.

    In addition, you get special objectives. Like you have to store the people in a room with hay so they can weather the storm... which of course is a brimstone fire hazard. Or you get a special super-delicate mural which you must protect at all costs.

    Or you're building a monastery, and you must segregate the nuns and the friars, various little challenges and rules like this, which force you to design the building in a certain way.

    Or one may require you to build the structure over a huge gap, which obviously could cave in with the earthquakes.

    I'd love to have a go with that!

    So, in summary, the threats you'd have:

    • Wind (changing direction and strength)
    • Fire from heaven (can burn wood)
    • Earthquakes
    • Meteorites (come down with great force, and risk knocking large objects away)
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  • Sounds very similar to another game already out there.

  • Well sure, every story in the world has already been written, but it is something fun that could be done with Construct and its physics.

  • Well sure, every story in the world has already been written, but it is something fun that could be done with Construct and its physics.

    I think you took my response wrong. He was asking for someone to make it because he'd like to try it.

    I provided a link to a similar concept. Wasn't suggesting anything else.

  • I could build it, but my main problems are with the image editor, so I can't really create new sprites for the object types and stuff.

    But Construct's noticably better than it used to be!

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