360 controller emulator, ps3 pad, windows 7 and custom keys

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  • other gamepads work ok with xbox360pad emulator

    tested with PS2 and PC twin shock, btw u need to tweak it, if u use ps2 controller...

    my tweaked config

    cant get them to work

    got my ps3 working through usb port using new(or maybe not so new) motioninjoy 64 bit ps3 drivers. works great for directinput games, but still doesnt detect as 360 controller even with registry hack. using windows 7 64 bit. i copied the files to windows system 32 and wow64 folders, and the 360test program picks it up, but nothing else, any ideas anyone, or notice something i might have done wrong?

    also, david said something in chat about wanting to implement configurable keys at some point, so chances are, there will be no update will come for the custom keys plugin

  • as was said in readme, it can use different dll names to work, however it will not work in construct runtime.

    it will work with compiled executable of your game.

    e.g. you making a game, adding a xbox360pad support, you can't use gamepad when debugging or launch from construct, you need to compile it somewhere, then copy emulator files to your compiled .exe directory e, and only then it will work

  • ugh

    I guess microsoft won

    or not quite

    I'll buy a crappy generic 360 controller that'll stop working in a week

    it's not like I didn't realize how greedy they were after seeing that people with 360's actually pay to play online. like toyota charging me to drive on toll roads, on top of the regular toll, just because I bought one of their corollas, but I digress

    point is, in this instance. they're actually crippling windows for the sake of turning a profit on their controllers. the whole point of directx is to make it possible for every manufacturer to be able to make a dx device, and every game to support dx devices, and that would mean that everything works with everything. they messed all that up with this garbage. there's no reason they can't release a temporary xinput direct input upgrade. and why the hell would the limit be 4 controllers?

    anyway, it seems their game division is even greedier than the company normally is

    thanks for the help, but damn that's a pain

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  • Ya, it's a pain that they're pimping their controllers. Even though I own 2 usb ones, it's just not fair for people with older gamepads.

  • Fear not, lucid my worried friend....

    For your trouble will soon come to an end...

    A direct input plugin is in the making...

    And will be yours for the taking...

    Dont let microsoft bring you down....

    Make a smile out of your frown!

  • thank you david

    godspeed on this one

    if you had it before the hotfix

    you'd be the shiznizzle

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