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  • Hi all,

    If any of you do or have done any development in Unity and have experiences in their extensions/assets/plugins called Playmaker, uScript, Antares Universe, would you be so kind as to compare which of those is most similar to Construct 2 in the sense that it is highly visual in way of developing games?

    I've read a bit on those and so far I've gathered that the Playmaker is very similar to Construct 2 and coincidentally also the procong is very close to same. And Unity itself being free it would stand to be investigated - as a non-coder I'm highly interested in game dev tools that are not dependent on 1000+ years of mad coding archmagey-demigodly skillz to use.

    So speak up (please) if you have experience in any of the aforementioned extensions/assets/plugins:

    • Playmaker
    • uScript
    • Antares Universe
  • From a cursory look, Playmaker is very different to Construct 2. It looks like it's based on 2D flowcharts, whereas Construct 2 uses a list of events and sub-events that work by filtering instances (see how events work).

  • Thanks Ashley for taking the time!

    If you don't mind cursorily checking also the plugin 'plyGame' - just found out about it, that seemed to have some similarity (maybe) to C2 way of doing events. It had those block kind of things that looked pretty much like.... well, events in Construct 2. Not as pretty or clear but very similar.

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  • None of them are actually like C2 Event Sheet system.

    C2 uses actual code in order of sequence as both it's visual and execution. C2 is a bridge between Visual Programing Language and code writing. Actually I personally feel that C2 could help teach programming as a first step because of how well it's designed.

    All the ones you listed takes parts from Visual Programming Languages.

    PlayMaker is a FlowChart design and heavily uses Finite State Machine(google it). C2 doesn't use FlowCharts as programming.

    uScript starts with a FlowChart, but it's more like Function Flow Chart. The objects themselves still require code writing.

    Anteres Universe is like a bridge between uScript and PlayMaker.

    plyGame is Unity version of C2 behaviours. However this does offer Scratch like programming. But personally I don't like Scratch it's clunky.

    PlayMaker and plygame is the only one where you don't have to write code.

    so the result is not a single one does anything similar to what C2 does.

  • Thanks jayderyu for your response - it was very informative. It was then pretty much as I figured it would be.

    And I do agree that C2 is just fabulous and has taught me tons in the sense of how to do stuff - mainly the logics and how to time/launch events and change behaviour on cue (and all the goodness with variables). It really is fantastic. And no coding, yay!

    I'm also interested in Unity and what it has to offer (mainly in 2D) and in that sense I would like to use what I've learned in C2 into Unity - so maybe I have to check out that Playmaker and plyGame (and 2D toolkit).

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