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  • I have tried to create a ordinary space shooter game with particle effects and the game slows down to a epileptic 15fps.My pc specs are as follows Intel Core I7 980 X , Mobo-Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD9 ,Memory-8gigs OCZ triple channel PC12800 DDR3 , GFX-Asus Aries Limited Edition-1gig DDR5 , HD-Seagate Baracuda XT 2TB , Sound - Asus Xonar Essence ST , Power IKONIK Vulcan 1200W.

    Is there some optimisation codes that i can use to speed up the game?.My particles are set at a rate of 800.If i create the same game with XNA studio then the game runs at an ultra smooth 120fps.I have tried to resize the textures and backgrounds but to no avail.

  • Look's like you're at fault for wasting resources. With such a high-end system it should be very hard to drop the fps in a construct game. I'll bet you have some mighty inefficient code in your game, or you're abusing shaders unnecessarily. Set construct to emulate PS 0.0 and see how it runs.

  • How many particle emitters do you have at one time? How big are your sprites? How many sprites do you have at any given time?

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  • There are a multitude of reasons why the performance could be hit, including something that's been fixed for 99.96 - currently sometimes the collision masks of sprites are recalculated unnecessarily, causing a massive performance hit. You can temporarily work around it by setting the animation speed of any non-animated sprites to 0.

  • It depends entirely on the .cap you have. Some features are faster than others but everything rendered is hardware-accelerated. I don't know what your XNA game does but presumably it's not the rendering that's slowing it down. Maybe Arima is right.

  • Dunno the 800 rate is kinda high. If you get 5 or 6 emitters going at the same time... your gonna get some slow down. Might try reducing that to at least half, I doubt you'll see much difference aesthetically.

    So as far as optimization goes.... No, you!

  • I just opened up a blank cap and put 18 particle emitters there each at a rate of 2400

    and it was still running at 90 fps, and my system isn't nearly as fast as the one you're claiming

    I've made a demo that used particle emitters with huge textures (1024x1024) and tons of sprites with textures at that size or larger, with 50 or 60 instances of ik animated characters using those textures to make up their bodies without experiencing the kindof slowdown you're talking about

    i don't think it was your intention to spread disinformation, but a question like "why is this slowing down" in help/tech support might have been a good idea, since newbs to construct might see this topic and assume it's really true. know what I mean?

  • buddy40 has a point. I couldn't even dream of putting 18 emitters rate with out the hamster wheel catching fire.

  • Well i have seen the errors of my ways.I had too many amitters going.Something like 100 amitters at any given time.i have toned it down and the game is running smooth again.Also i had an issue with my gfx card overheating but it's fixed now (added liquid cooling).Hopefully all my games wil run the way they are supposed to run again.

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