Any Construct2 Guys in Southern California?

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  • Hi,

    Marc Graham here in Redondo Beach.

    Any Construct 2 devs in the area? If so, what would you think of starting a user group?

  • Northern California, do I qualify?

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  • Bay Area. Far from south :) I was raised in Solvang, Danish Capital of America, does that count?

  • Are you guys for real?

    I was really interested in meeting up with other Construct 2 developers. Maybe not so much now.

    This community does not seem very friendly.

  • Are you part of the Construct 2 Reddit community, you can try there too if you want to meetup. I don't think there was any unfriendliness in thread, we're just swapping locations near SoCal.

  • Firebelly --

    I disagree.

  • This community is unfriendly? That's a shame to hear. I actually haven't had a chance to know the community enough to have an opinion.... care to elaborate? What was your experience?

  • marcgram What make you think this community isn't very friendly? There's must be some reasons. Maybe we - part of the community can improve that.

  • 01lifeleft -

    I regret the the comment about the community being unfriendly. I have not experienced any overt unfriendliness from the community at large. So to you and the rest of the community -- please accept my apology for my ill considered remark.

    bWard, firebelly --

    Maybe I misinterpreted your posts. I was looking for members in my area that would like to meet up to discuss Construct 2 development in particular and html5/game development in general.

    With your posts were you expressing your willingness to come to Redondo Beach to meet? If so I was wrong.

    If not, you were yanking my chain, which I consider unfriendly.

  • marcgram:

    Well, you didn't exactly state that you wanted to meet up with anyone in the first post, or where these meetings would take place.

    You asked if there were any C2 guys in Southern California, and these guys were just wondering if they met the requirements of who you were looking to talk to, since they don't really live in the south. I highly doubt they were trying to yank anyone's chain.

    In my own experience, this is one of the friendliest communities I've been a part of, with very few people trolling. I'm not american myself though, so all I can do is wish you good luck with finding someone to meet up with.

  • I think being in North California disqualified me... But there's no chain-yanking, no one else has mentioned the user group or meeting up besides yourself. We were talking about our close-by locations.

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