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  • Hi everyone!

    I've recently started reworking and restructuring the Construct 2 Wikipedia page here:, moving it away from focusing on Construct: Classic and to be more open for expansion. At the moment, it's still very much a stub. I know that I want to expand on the features section a bit, and there are probably some more interesting things to post under releases, but I wanted also to come upstream, both to tell everyone what was going on and to ask if there's anything you guys think is important to mention or add.

    It goes without saying that Wikipedia isn't an advertising platform, so we're not necessarily looking to just hype the platform or talk about its features, but with Construct 2 starting to just steadily become more and more popular, it makes sense to me that we should start putting together a more informative Wikipedia page for it.


    Danny Shumway


  • okay, but it needs a lot of work, keep working on it

  • Good initiative. I will make sure I contribute to it as much as I can.

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  • I know this is a bit off-topic, but I wanted to plug as a good Sub-Reddit for anything related to C2.

    For example, if you wanna post the link to the new Wiki page, on the Reddit page, that would be good for other users to see. <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Nice work!

  • Would be good to write all the versions too.

    Good work Congrats.

  • Will do. It's finals week at university, so at the moment, I've just been fixing the sources, but expanding releases would be a good next step - as well as filling out the features a bit. If nothing else, I've been looking around, and I can't find an original announcement or anything for the Scirra store to stick in releases, specifically when they started offering their own games/resource packs.

    Does anyone know if that's always been a thing, or when it started up otherwise?

  • maybe you can find some info in the blogs ? there is the scirra, the ashley and toms blogs.

  • Just ask Tom or ashley directly via Mail, I guess they are glad to help if they have some sparetime!

  • Beaverlicious, that's an awesome idea that I hadn't thought of. Primary sources are excellent.

  • Very quick checkin, I've added a section on supported platforms going over the ones that I could find articles on - Node-Webkit, Windows 8, Phonegap, Crosswalk, Ejecta, Wii U, and the storefronts it supports: Chrome Web Store, Firefox Marketplace, Kongregate, and Facebook. Anything big being left out of that list?

    I still have yet to send a message over to Tom or Ashley because of a combination of business and laziness, but that will be next on the todo list, along with fleshing out the release history a bit. After that, I'll probably devote some more time to thinking about how features could be structured in a way that gives a better overview of Construct 2's events system, which I view as the biggest thing to talk about in terms of what's different than other engines.

    It's a bit bothering to me that most of the sources I'm using right now are coming from Scirra's website directly, but I can't really think of something more credible to use. Most of the time Construct comes up in the news or on blogs, it's usually a review of some sort, which is pretty awesome but not really applicable to to an encyclopedia entry.

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