Construct 2 vs Game Develop, why nobody using it?

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  • Hello all, i just want to ask why nobody using Game develop, it is same as construct 2 and free.

  • Hello all, i just want to ask why nobody using Game develop, it is same as construct 2 and free.

    Because it isn't the same as construct2, yes it can do some things that construct2 can do, yes it is free, but it isn't even in the same league.

    Construct2 and Game Maker can be compared to each other, they are same league.

    To compare Game Develop is like saying my VW beatle has wheels, so does your Ferrari so they are the same.

    Game Develop is a nice little hobby project, and is geared towards a certain user.

    You get what you pay for... or don't pay for in this case, which means you don't get what makes C2 cost more.

  • but for games like angry birds , flappy birds and houndreds of others it is good enough, now with android and ios export,?

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  • but for games like angry birds , flappy birds and houndreds of others it is good enough, now with android and ios export,?

    So is notepad

    Yeah, it could be enough, I say could because it all depends on what you are trying to do. I have no doubt you will bump a ceiling, heck even Unity has a ceiling. But for stupid simple - it should be fine. Haven't used the export, but expect issues.

  • You are the one to choose which software is right for you and which one you want to use.

    Game develop was already introduced here, at least 4 years ago and it was already talked over about all it's pros and cons through these years.

    So there's no point starting another topic about what game develop.

    Use search and read old topics or go and ask about it on it's own forum.

  • However, if you are planning on moving away from windows, gamedevollop might be a choice (I think there is an html5 webapp of gamedevelop too)

    As for mobile, I think it is the same thing as C2, based on html5 wrapped, but I could be wrong.

  • i would like to hear some user experiences if anyone here used it. Thank you

  • Personally I was turned off by the fact it shamelessly rips off Construct 2 - and others can find a lack of price tag a bad thing.

  • Game develop actually was made a little after construct classic, before c2. The interface does look similar, but I don't think it's a ripoff. Mainly since it's author said he wasn't aware about construct when he first was making it.

    I've tried it a time or two, but it didn't really capture my interest. I didn't find the interface to be as intuitive as construct's, and it seemed that the event system requires you to be more verbose. It does have some interesting features though.

    You won't really get a lot of people saying they use it asking on this forum. Ask on their forum and you'll get a different response.

  • I tried it, but didn't like a lot of the design of the program. I don't remember everything, it's been a while since I used it, but I recall finding it unintuitive and inferior to C2 in most ways in the program itself, from things like how the event and animation systems worked to ui stuff, like for example there's no way to change the colors of all of the ui so you're stuck coding on a while screen (that might have been improved by now, I don't know). With C2, everything just makes sense to me, with game develop it doesn't.

    That isn't meant to be an attack on the program or anyone who likes it, just a personal, subjective opinion.

  • I general pointer to how popular something is to check out the user activity in their forum. Last time I checked with Game Develop, it wasn't exactly a thriving community, but it may have gotten better since then.

    Usability wise, I just didn't like the feel of it. The event system isn't as intuitive as C2. Just load some examples to see the difference - breakout is a good start.

  • I chosen Construct 2 , because of the helpful community and the updates. Thank you

  • I did not share my opinion, so I will now:

    Game devellop is a nice idea, but I find it inferior to C2, and here is why:

    The html5 export seems more like an addition than a full export, just having pixelated graphics seems to be an absent option on it.

    The IDE feels kind of disorganised, never found any real logic to it personnaly

    I think they choose to support cocoonjs recently, not so much a bad thing if they can pull it off, but it is not encouraging

    The event system is not as intuitive and readeable as C2's one (however, it is still far superior to clickteam fusion 2.5 from what I saw, but again clickteam fusion 2.5 event system is really outdated)

    Little unease of use thingies adds up, I feel more like struggling against the IDE than using it.

    However, due to its free price, his open source nature (even with a small community), and the fact it still works, and runs on linux, and html5 platforms (there is an html5 version of the IDE), it might still be considered a good choice.

    The community on the other hand seems to not know a lot about html5, and think it is limited a lot (I remember reading that some people did not want an html5 app of game develop because they did not want to upload their assets anywhere, or did not want to be constantly connected to the internet for it to work, hello? We are in 2014, offline webapps that works with on disk ressources exists guys).

  • I saw the engine's website and saw some screenshots and yeah, I hated their event system design,by the way I tried different programs than construct2 , like stencyl and game salad etc... And yet IMHO I think these programs are crap compared to construct2. I'm now attached to C2 so it might not happen in the near future when I will change the engine. But as the others say, you are free to use the engine or framework you like. You are not obliged to choose one, try them all, and see the one that fits you.

  • One thing GD does have, is the option of either HTML or traditional standalone. There are instances where having both can be useful.

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