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  • Scirra Forum total members: 2080.

    Scirra Twitter total members: 44.

    It's not da same!

  • What's your point? It'll take a while for the twitter and facebook to accumulate users, and not everyone on the forum has a twitter account.

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  • Too many social networks. Personally I find it a waste of time to follow all relevant networks.

  • Too many social networks.


    Social networking sites like facebook, twitter, etc, are a waste of time.

    I think of them as a place for people who can't use forums.

    Or a place for the socially inept.

    Seriously, it's amazing how "sheep-like" people have become in the last decade.

    I'm proud to say that I'm not a member of a single one of them.

    Maybe it's because I can still pick up the phone or walk out the door and meet people. lol


  • I only use Facebook and I find it pretty useful in saying hi to old school mates n stuff. Or if organizing events or just to have fun while drunk (ugh this is dangerous too!) but yeah it's mostly waste...

  • Maybe it's because I can still pick up the phone or walk out the door and meet people. lol


    meh i don't agree with this argument. Social networks are... social. It doesn't make me hang out with people less. And if you don't know certain people that well its generally a lot more appropriate to talk to them on a social networking site rather than on the phone or something. Its quite useful.

    But also a huge waste of time...

  • Debate on social networking aside, I signed up the facebook, twitter and youtube channel because a lot of people do still use them, and those who do can use it to keep up to date with Scirra news as well. Twitter's pretty handy for that - it only takes me a second to paste a new build link in and everyone who uses Twitter sees the update without having to visit the site regularly to check. So I think it's handy for some.

  • Don't get me wrong.

    There are people who use it to keep in touch genuinely, and in commerce it's used almost as a viral way of getting products out there (increasingly unfortunately).

    I just hate the way that the whole world and his brother feel they MUST be a part of it in case they are missing out on something, when they really aren't.

    Facebook (which some of my Sisters keep nagging me to join) is the lesser of the evils IMO, because it does tend to be used by families and friends, but I'll never join.

    They can contact me via text, video text, skype, Email, phone me or even come and see me,

    That's more than enough.

    But it's Twitter that really gets up my back.

    I have a lot of favourite bands, TV shows that I like, love the Chris Moyles Show team (who are always on about Twitter), but I don't want to know what they've had for dinner or when they last wiped their arse.

    I'm probably the biggest Manics fan there is, but I've probably only visited their website 2 or 3 times in a decade.

    As someone said recently, there is such a thing as "Too much technology".

    I fear we're making a world of Zombies!

    Anyone see the Bruce Willis film Surrogates?

    EDIT: I notice you also mention YouTube.

    Apart from the increasing number of kids posting nonsense in the comments area (see one of my posts in another thread on this, and then check out that particular link to see exactly what I mean), I just can't fault YouTube for what it offers.

    When you've got 5 minutes to spare, it's a great way to waste an hour.


  • What's your point?

    I've been reading too much Drunk Hulk, which explains my behaviour in this topic:

  • From The It Crowd

  • From The It Crowd

    LOL, love the IT Crowd.

    The latest series went by very quickly.

    That video pretty much says it all.

    How come embedding YouTube videos isn't enabled on these forums?

    I think I've asked this in the past without a response from Ashley & co.


  • another piece of the show

  • I don't hate Facebook per se, I just hate the people on it. My niece is a prime example. She's 20 odd and she comments every damn minute!

    10:00am I just woke up. Had a bad dream.

    10:02am I wonder if I should try going back to sleep.

    10:03am Still not sure, it was a really bad dream.

    10:06am Yes, I'm going to try.

    10:30am Couldn't sleep.

    10:31am Going to kill myself 'cause I'm a sad little <CENSORED>.

    Ok the last one was added by me.. showing just how I feel The worst thing is she has 2 accounts that I know of, updating each in sync with different wording!!! She has like 500+ friends and probably only talks to 3 of them!

    Right back on topic.... didn't know there was a Facebook for Construct. Will have to check it out in a bit..

  • procrastinator

    tru dat

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