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  • Hi

    First sorry for i wasn't in forum in long time.because my main job is 2d Animation.Also i work with Flash action script 3 at intermediate.

    And i want ask a serious question before buy Construct 2

    Flash use Stage 3D and it's complete use GPU.There is Starling framework that optimized for this structure.Facebook Angry Birds made with it.

    And my question:

    Is Construct 2 faster than Starling on desktop and devices?

  • I don't think anyone has made a comparative benchmark of C2/Starling (first time I personally hear about Starling).

    You can always check this blog article from a few months ago that might give you some informations about C2 performances.

    In the absolute I can't say if C2 performs better than Starling, but it sure does perform well enough.

    Before buying, just build the same project with the free version of C2 and with Starling and do your own benchmark test, it will probably be the best way to answer your question.

  • Construct 2 has a WebGL renderer which allows it to make full use of the GPU when supported. Even if a platform does not support WebGL (and it looks like most will in the near future, even IE), almost every platform has a hardware accelerated 2D canvas, which still uses the GPU but is a little slower due to extra CPU overhead.

  • Thanks so much Ashley and Kyatric for quick answer

    Indeed i tested both in 2 my machine.1st with weak performance and 2nd with high performance.and result:

    for desktop:

    Starling had drop fps sometimes in high computer too.sometimes between 50-60 fps and i saw some stutters.I don't know really why .But it used very low CPU.

    Construct Classic(I haven't C2 for test it on desktop) was really amazing and stick to 60 fps.There wasn't any stutter at all.But it used little more CPU.

    For device:

    Starling use Adobe Air for devices and i really don't know more about it .Anyway result on Andriod was 60 fps

    Sorry .But I still don't test C2 on any device .But i have stutter on desktop with Html5 with fireFox.why?

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  • Probably because you haven't updated your graphic card drivers or have the latest version of Firefox (21).

  • Construct Classic has been retired, so you should not use it. Give Construct 2 a go!

  • It's possible you've run into a problem I just discovered - in come circumstances, windows's window manager can run in software rather than hardware accelerated mode. I was getting a consistent stuttering framerate with applications running in windowed mode or as a fullscreen borderless window (which is the method chrome/node webkit uses - true full screen applications like construct classic uses were unaffected), and discovered that the reason for it was because on vista, if you're not using aero, then the window manager is not hardware accelerated. As soon as I turned aero back on, I'm getting a smooth 60 fps with a dropped frame only once every 30 seconds or so. If you're on XP, then I'm not sure there's anything you can do about it, as I don't think it has any options for a hardware accelerated window manager. Windows 7 doesn't have the stuttering problem even if aero is turned off.

  • I've raised that issue few times. Full screen in chrome ( f11 ) was dropping fps from solid 60 to around 50fps. Haven't check for some time so don't know if the issue is still there.

  • I never heard of Starling either, and I'm very bad at understanding the hardware optimisations, so I can't compare.

    However I instantly turned away after I see that it is a Flash framework. I just really hate Flash. Sorry for not contributing =(

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