Would Construct run on this laptop?

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  • Greetings.

    Do you think Construct (as suggested, with at least 60 mb video memory) and XNA (with shader model 2!) could be run on this low budget laptop? My main concern is the video card (appearantly it has shader model 4) with shared memory(non-dedicated memory!), and the processor (speed!).

    Thanx if you have some thoughts.

    Dell Inspiron M5030 SK Black:

    AMD V160 (2400)

    2048 (DDR3) MB

    320 SATA GB

    ATI R HD4250 shared upto256MB

    15,6" HD (1366x768)



    Wireless LAN:b/g/n 300mbps

  • That's higher end than all the computers I use, It should run Construct just fine.

    In fact I would venture to say that Construct will run fine on any new computer. The only time you'll dip below the minimum system requirements is when using a much older computer.

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  • I ran Construct for a while on a midrange Dell laptop from 2002, which didn't even have a pixel-shader compatible GPU, and it worked alright. This will run Construct well.

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