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  • I found thise recently.

    Yet not much info though, but it seams it will have similair features.

  • ... %20Studio/

    Nothing to it yet it seems. Feature set looks interesting.

  • It supports DirectX 9, which is a good move. From what little information that they give it seems like Black Crystal is focused on making MMOG's easier to make.

    It's kind of hard to form an opinion on a program that seems to be quite early in development.

    (Sorry for nitpicking, but "Black Crystal" isn't a very good name...)

  • <img src="">

    <img src="">

    You... you TRAITOR!

    Fine, go to her... go to your Black Crystal whore

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  • Looks like they've only just started so probably won't see anything for some time. Still, as I say for everyone else, if they release and it's good, game on

    Their main website navigation looks, hmm, inspired by the page, lots of similarly named sections in a similar order!

    How did you find this? Since it's only *just* started, I guess you know the developers, or you're involved even?

  • There's nothing there yet. Nothing. Not even shit. Not even shit worth talking about. Nothing. Just not a thing.

    What were we talking about again?

  • There's a website, and some promises. It's another open-source game making startup... what's not to talk about? Sure, it'd be nice if they had some screenies of the IDE or something but, jeez... it's news, and it's relevant. Talk away.

    Also, I kind of like the name "Black Crystal." It's so... teenybopper goth. Like, I might sneak out of my parent's house in the middle of the night to meet up in the graveyard to light candles and drink a wine cooler with it.

  • I found it looking through the internet for mmo development kits.

    'Black Crystal' reminds me of Jim Hanson's 'The Dark Crystal' Which i think is awsome ( film )

    About the software - i kind of like the online feature as one of basic ideas in development.

  • Nice find. Interesting to know, and to bookmark, to check out their progress.

  • Maybe dev team should convice them to join construct project ? plugins developers are needed, right? XD If the tallented, y not?

  • it seems focused on online games, MAEK ONLINE PLUGIN DAMNIT!

    it probably wont contain the same amount of power as construct has, in terms of DX9 stuff, fast engine, ect. i havent seen a gamemaker which comes close to the speed of construct, and i dont think i will for a while.

    black crystal is kind of a silly name for a gamemaker, it doesnt even having anything to do with creation.

    it looks extremely new so i can't really say anything else about it.

  • seems like they really emphasize the ability of creating online games.. lolz, yea, somebody make an online plugin! lolz...

    Might be interesting if they built it on XNA, whoo xbox games..

  • Fine, go to her... go to your Black Crystal whore

  • I just checked their web site. Their looking for new project leader. Anyone ? XD Lol. Cons dev team should use it ass the advantage.

  • Why?

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