Construct 2 For Mac! WineSkin.

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  • Hey People! i was poking around with construct 2 and wineskin and

    i got it sorta working... so ill give you the pros and cons!

    Pros:Boots up fine,loads projects fine,very fast.

    Cons:can't move screen,can't preview project,

    If you guys want me to continue with this project then reply .


  • Wrong section...

    You should post this thread on either in "Open Topic" or "Tools and Resources" section.

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  • if u got a mac... then u can use a windows boot.... try one of the top dogs that runs for years : Parallels Desktop 7 ( ), VMware Fusion ( ), or VirtualBox ... unless u still use the first MAC from 1984 (the 128k version) no offense

    even if u have a good computer.. WineSkin Frame isn't meant to be used like this ... try playing Asteroids Windows version on it ... it will work... but any program made after 2000 wont work properly... since will lack the library compatibility

    And yes is the wrong section in forum unless u wanted to pitch WineSkin as a way for people to run C2 on Mac.... i use VMware ... i never heard of WineSkin before.. but Wine ... for linux...

  • *moved. If it proves to be a Javascript addon in some way, I'll move it back.

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