Construct + Mac = Feasible?

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  • Since I'm going to be in a third world country for the next month and a half with my grandparents, I thought some Construct will be good to pass the days when I have nothing to do. The problem is, my brother is taking his Macbook with him and not his laptop with Vista installed. I was wondering, is there anyway to run Construct on a Macintosh platform? Or is this not feasible due to the lack of Direct X?

    I've heard Windows emulation on a Mac platform is possible, but I'd also need a way to emulate Direct X, right?

    I'll be gone in a little under ten hours, so some quick feedback is really appreciated

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  • I think the answer is no.

  • Ah well.... maybe I can sneak his Vista laptop into my bag

  • I've been experimenting with Hackintoshing recently (running Mac OS X on non-Apple hardware) and as a result I tried to find a way to run Construct without having to reboot into XP constantly.

    I'd say it's quite possible, just that with my hardware it was unfeasible.

    I was able to use VMWare Fusion and install a copy of XP, and run Construct inside it, but it was kinda slow due to my lack of RAM and processor power for such heavy emulation. However, I'd guess that recent Apple hardware is much better suited to it. Another thing to note is that you could use Parallels Desktop, which does the same thing but has better performance (I could not use it as I am on an AMD processor and it won't run on that) Both of these implement DX9 and Shader 2.0, which is as high as Construct supports anyway. As long as you're not using six billion pixel shaders at once I'd say it would work at least decently.

    Just note that both of these potential programs cost money. There is a free one, VirtualBox, but I tried and it does not work.

  • pm me i got mac osx i can do it i think im running mac osx with vista

  • The answer is... Only with Bootcamp.

  • Dammit... Doppel beat me to it >.>


  • Which is kind of sad... the only thing preventing Construct from being a feasible Mac program is its reliance on DirectX for its effects�which seems to me rather unfortunate, since visual effects are just fluff.

    All of the variants of C are usable on Mac through Mono, and OpenGL and OpenAL are supported by all platforms. Using Mono would also make Construct accessible on Linux.

    In short, the answer isn't "no"�the answer is "the developers don't want to".

  • no, it's "the developers don't have time to, and making it work would require a major rewrite of everything."

  • is its reliance on DirectX for its effects?which seems to me rather unfortunate, since visual effects are just fluff.

    It's not just for the effects. The whole rendering engine uses DirectX.

    In short, the answer isn't "no"?the answer is "the developers don't want to".

    It's more like "the developers were young and didn't know better. now they can't change it, but they will in the next complete rewrite.". Construct 2 is going to use OpenGL.

  • Note gmerriment that you replied to a thread nearly a year old which has bumped it.

    As Davioware said we plan Construct 2 to use OpenGL, but we don't currently have any plans to port the editor to any platform other than Windows. Runtimes are easier to port, porting a complex GUI app is much harder.

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