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  • Kinda open topic in a sense but im wondering what are construct limits? Like is it possible to build a big game with construct? Like big game meaning a lot of event sheets of Ai, Pathfinding, Game States, Story mode, RPG features, Timers, Online.

    Its kinda a open question but like i know Construct is still being worked on and has not hit Version 1. But from all your experience is it something to commit towards a commerical long term project? Do you think it has potential to? Or for time being hold off on it?

    Im working on something i would suggest big. Im not making it over night or anything and its going to take a lot of time. Just looking for input i guess.

  • Yes, of course it can make a complete and advanced game!

    It all depends on your skill (and spare time amount)

  • If you are working on a major project, make sure to do backups each iteration. You never know when a nasty bug might creep in. Anything is theoretically possible in Construct, as long as you invest time and effort.

    Just look at SoldjahBoy's Tonks project, he's still bashing his head against it after... a year?

  • I have been summoned lol.

    Yes Construct is perfectly capable of all the things you mentioned apart from the online aspect (unless someone makes a plugin or you can code it in python).

    My long term project is nearing a year old now... if not already a year, mind you a fairly major bug in Construct stopped any work from transpiring for about 6 months. That bug is now fixed so work can and will continue once I figure out what drugs I was smoking when I made my event sheet.

    So yes, take the advice that has already been mentioned... make sure you make plenty of backups, and store them in folders corresponding to the version of Construct you used to make it. Also, be cautious when upgrading to new versions if the one you have is working fine and does everything you need it to do. The bug that killed my project (temporarily) was from a new added feature that I was waiting for... so unfortunately I didn't have a lot of choice.

    Good luck.


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  • Any code that you have written that is older than 6 months may as well have been written by someone else.

  • Any code that you have written that is older than 6 months may as well have been written by someone else.

    Luckily I organised it well... so while I don't quite understand half of it... At least I know what each bit does and how complete the code is for it (since I used colours to help with that).

    But yes... it was partially written by others anyway... you should know that *wink wink*.


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