Construct-like tool for non-games?

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  • Hey there friends,

    I´m digging more and more into normal app development besides my work on games with Construct.

    As a game engine it´s kind of limited in it´s opportunities and I would like to ask you if there are equal tools for non-game programming.

    Drag and Drop, easy events etc. but with a focus on "regular" Software and non game apps.

    I know that it´s kind of strange to ask for foreign software but ...yeahh it´s a different field of programming I guess

    Hope you get what I would like to know haha

    Thanks dudes,


  • I do not understand because of poor translation 'google translate". Can write for easier text.

  • I'll probably get shot for saying it, but...Multimedia Fusion 2 / Fusion 2.5. Unlike Construct, Game Maker, Stencyl, etc. it's geared towards game AND application development, and is surprisingly powerful in that regard.

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  • MONO + VB.NET, that language is very easy to use and get into for beginners

    (Or you can use Visual Basic Express which is free too).

    As for pure click-and-drag, basically the other tools for making games sadly. Construct Classic was pretty powerful for that kinda stuff too.

  • Thanks for all these tips guys

    I guess C2 seems to be a good solution then, even though you need to tweak it every here and there!

  • I don't understand...

    You need to have been using C2 for a long time and you need to know it very well to say that.

    And what kind of a game do you want to make with an engine like C2? This is important here.

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