Construct inspired modules for regular programming

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  • ( This is a pure conception, inspired by Construct, Node Machines, ES6)

    Like this:

    import buddy from people;
    import narrator from voices;
    import database from machines;
    on( or ){
      narrator.actions.say("New buddy has arrived!");
      buddy.actions.blink({time: 2}, function(){
        // on blink finished
        narrator.actions.say("Buddy is waiting orders.");
    const masterDb = new database;
      dbUrl: "...",
      dbUser: "...",
      dbPass: "..."
      dbPass: "...",
    on( ){
      console.log( masterDb.expressions.listCollections );
    Think it would be useful for making projects directly from code?
    Ps. this would also allow to create editor for any JS Code (and possibly other languages).
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