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  • I have been asked by many of peoples of Scirra forum for help. Now I am not against helping anyone but, I do object to people PM me and say Lord Shiva have game I made with GM and needs to convert to Construct 2. Will you please do it for me? What sort of request is this? Some of you PM me and asked something like:

    Lord Shiva can you convert GM game to Construct 2 for me?

    How can I add more layers on Construct 2 free version?

    Can you help me I am very poor and cannot afford to pay for Construct 2 licence will you send me your copy of licence?

    Is it possible to get hacked version of Construct 2?

    Is it worth buying Construct 2 or free version being good?

    To answer all these questions I don’t think I like to waste my time. One must understand that people on forum are there to help anyone as volunteers. If he or she wishes to help you then so be it but, pleading and begging them to do something for nothing is rude and out of question.

    As for GM cost fortune for add on while Construct 2 does not. Person like Ashley and co has made it easy for everyone. Construct 2 worth every penny. Ashley and co would have asked for weight in gold but, no Construct 2 priced well below GM. Think before one ask about ones help.

  • Well, said, the amount of people wanting A LOT for nothing on the net is just staggering.

    Might be a side effect of the hyper-speedy information lifestyle we are moving towards - in the old days you would go to a bookstore/library, get a book and actually read that book to learn something and find a solution (I know I did in the ZX Spectrum days) so one way or another you learned patience and you learned whatever you set out to learn. Now it's "How do I make game X?" "Is there a hand-holdey video tutorial for this (feature that's perfectly explained in the manual)?" "No reply in 15 minutes? BUMP!" and so on.

  • I've taken time out in helping in the forums for similar reasons.

    Users feel it is their right, that they are entitled to our time, our resources. They want a capx for this or that, and when it isn't exactly like they want it - then they feel it is their entitlement that we have to change it because the capx is broken.

    So I took a little holiday away for the forums

  • My favorite phrase is:

    'I've searched and found nothing'

    Yet when I search I find numerous examples that would be appropriate. It's either laziness or incompetence - neither of which is useful when making games.


    Best to report them and name and shame.

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  • You guys are absolutely right..I was guilty of being one of those "Hey help me! How do I? I need to know right now!!" kind of guys when I first got C2 last year and complained about a lack of community and so on. I had some major issues (mentally stressed) at the time but I still feel bad about it. I got better health wise slowly and then learned a whole lot more by exploring the manual, all the tutorials, capx files and utilizing forum searches. I went from nagging Ashley about how to get Webstorage to work properly last year to learning how to use, load and save arrays, use functions, and a whole bunch of other C2 features..haha the webstorage was easy as hell too..but..thats all thanks to all of you here that have taken the time to write up tutorials, answering forum questions, and putting up with over excited, impatient game making wannabes.

    Just want to say thank you all, I havent learned this much, this fast, probably ever. With every project you learn more and more. So to anyone discouraged, impatient, lost..just remember to take it slow, game making is a process and even though C2 makes it easier to start up a project, making a game work right takes time and Effort!

  • Thank you guys for reply zenox98 you say report them. Well I could than I am no better than them. I think just don't say nothing and give them cold shoulder that is all. I written this on forum to warn you guys. If you have time help if not just walk away.

  • Billy Bleeks at least you are honest person. You deserve thanks for honestly saying You guys are absolutely right..I was guilty of being one of those "Hey help me! How do I? God bless you be honest with yourself and all your wish will be granted by almighty

  • Two years ago I had published a tutorial about something similar.

    Stuff is, when providing that kind of help/taking that role in a community you end up only seeing this part of the community, the entitled, the excited, etc...

    For one person who asks to be spoon-fed, there is fortunately a big number of persons who will search by themselves and get to learn on they own thanks to the already existing documentation. And this part of the community, the lurkers who never post in the forums are still likely grateful and working hard.

    They are just far less vocal about it and visible to veterans.

  • Kyatric yep I agree 100%

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