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  • Hi , Im new with this engine only do the first tutorial.

    My question...

    I can make a HOG (Hidden Object Game) with Construct 2.

    1) 10 or more background (rooms)

    2) 15-20 object in the room

    3) Hint system (Random)

    4) Start with the game ask for name of player.

    5) Similar Bigfish HOG games.

    60 Particle system to show object with hint system.

    Thx 4 all. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • You absolutely could do this, and it wouldn't be very difficult either!

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  • Thx Mulkaccino, for fast response.

    I search part of the forum and tutorials but no see any similar (tutorial) that help me start with that type of game.

    Change rooms for the player re-enter the room with new items. Go to other room complete that room and come back with the object he/she need to open maybe a door, chest, anything, that I have the option to move the room to room.

    Think the Hint system have a Particle system.

    Construct 2 use Particles?

    I download the Manual and start read them too.

    Why pick this engine... because Unity 3D is more complex than this simple system. And I make the game only in 2D I know unity 3D work 2D too but more complex.

    I make a easy little game 2 rooms with AGS (Adventure Game Studio) but AGS limit objects in room and no have particle system. (long time from that)

    Again Thx 4 fast response. <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Ok, I have only 2 days with C2 but i dont found any guide to work with a Hidden Object Game, any have something similar.

    1.Work with background (easy)

    2.put object in the backgrond (more easy)

    3.How the player search the object and if he/she no found press hint and the hint pick one random and flash wwith particle system or grow and shrink.. I thinnk put all list in globals so if player found one remove from global variable and the random system only pick the rest numbers.

    4.How move room to room????

    5.Put Video, cutscene????

  • You should start by making smaller games to familiarize yourself with the engine. Then you will see that what you want is quite simple ;)

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