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  • I'm prepared for that possibility, but I would be extremely curious as to how they solve the problem. The way I see it is it's to do with your target audience's training and education, and you can't improve people's training and education by programming alone.

    World editor(WE), the map editor of Warcraft3(Published 10 years ago and still alive)

    Galaxy, the map editor of Starcraft2

    Maybe they are good examples of 3D game editors without too much audience's training and education.

    (Like the structure of "condition/action/group" on Construnct2, Blizzard named almost same things by "event/condition/action/trigger")

    Especially WE, You can't do too much on WE 3Dmodels,

    you can just make them with 3dsmax5.0, import them in and play their animations,

    but it just "enough" for normal use.

    With the inspiration of WE, we have Tower Defense everywhere, Zombies vs Plants, LOL now.

    Some features are not necessary to be "perfect" I think,

    what's important is widely acceptable,

    stable to show-off(see? we can make something looks like 3D game!!),

    and has chance to make money back.

  • The thing is, the strenght of C2 is that you can make almost anything 2D wise, the event system is opened enough to let you program all sorts of mechanics, then the behaviors are making the mechanics lighter, and all of that with no syntaxic issue.

    In 3D you would have to have some behaviors to help and due to the fact 3D maths is not as easy as 2D maths, the number of parameters will increase, and their definitions will be harder than your clasical 2D world parameters (angles+distance? You cannot define a movement with that alone, collisions? How would that work with a platform behavior, with a cube that does not spin? Even the language can become a barrier as those are not everyday's words sometimes), then the event sheet has to be as powerful too, while being understandable, not easy due to the targetted demographic of C2, also this would have to be used by people (I personnaly do not even care about doing 3D games, and most people are either targeting low end devices for html5 publishers, or doing small games so 3D is not an huge addition to be had at this moment in C2's targetted demographic.)

    Or maybe just 3D graphics applyed to a 2D universe? I do not see that being really useful if it is just what it is doing really, but in that case a simple plugin that would display a 3d model instead of a 2D image would do the trick just fine, then you would use sprites for the collisions and logic of the game.

  • DrewMelton

    Well your zordering with terrain would become non-existant if you decided to layer 2D sprites on the 3D background, everything would be above the background no matter what. Animations are not supported yet either. I don't think the current version would be something you could easily use for that particular game yet. I'd say wait for the updates before purchasing and see how those will suit your development style.


    I'm waiting till I have more finalized version to make a manual, but i do plan to make one. Probably the next thing after the next update will be a manual.

  • QuaziGNRLnose Thanks. I will hold off for now, but this will definitely be something I will keep an eye on with future updates.

  • Super meat boy made by two guys and they sold more than 1 million copies, Braid made also by one guy and Fez by two.

    I don't think you can make a full 3d game with a small team.

  • there is already a 3D plugin for C2, with a very impressive little 3D tank game, looks pretty good and has some advanced shaders.

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  • I would do a kickstarter for that in a heart beat when i make enough money from my 2d projects, and it will need 3d layout editors as well as 2d layouts for menus and game over screens and quest selection in rpgs and mmorpgs...

  • I don't think you can just 'do a kickstarter' on a whim like that. It would take a lot more time and dedication than actually learning an existing 3d engine.

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