Comunidad española?

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  • Hola a todos disculpen si necesariamente hay que colocar el post en ingles... si es asi por favor diganme y lo tradusco... lo coloco en español porque solo tenia una pequeña pregunta... Hay alguna comunidad en español? sobre construct 2 o 3? alguna discord? alguien ha pensado en crear una? si dado caso no la hay... porque pues me gustaria compartir ideas y opiniones, al igual que me gustaria compartir y dialogar distintos proyectos etc... en pocas palabras estar en una comunidad o crearla si es posible... por los momentos cree una discord... que es para el desarrollo de juegos, la puse en base a mi canal de youtube... si alguno quiere unirse a la discord, actualmente somos 2 personas la cree hace 3 dias aproximadamente y pues aqui dejare el link por si alguien esta interesado. saludos desde Venezuela

    Hello everyone, sorry if you have to put the message in English ... if so, please tell me and translate it ... what I put in Spanish because I only had one small question ... Is there a community in Spanish? About construct 2 or 3? Some discord Someone has thought to create a If there is no case ... because then I would like to share ideas and opinions, just like I would like to share and discuss different projects etc ... in a nutshell to be in a community or create it if It is possible ... for the moment Create a discord ... that is for the development of games, I put it in the base of my channel of youtube ... if a little wants to join the discord, at the moment we are 2 people the cree 3 days ago In case someone is interested. Greetings from Venezuela

  • This is an English forum, moderated and searched in English, so please ensure all posts are in English or provide an English translation.


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  • I already translated it, sorry I did not know it was only in English

  • You can check this existing and dedicated topic on the subject of non-English communities, and possibly get in touch with Spanish talking people and see if their communities still exist :

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