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    EDIT1: The liberated cup first phase has started.

    Artists to your tablets and pencils, follow the style guide and win up to 1500 $ (US dollars).



    A two phases competition with a over 12k $ of funding that will be given into prizes.

    The first phase is for artists, and is about making game assets.

    The second phase is about making games with the assets of the first phase.

    All assets and games are to be released under open sources formats.

    The Liberated Pixel Cup is sponsored by Creative Commons, Mozilla, OpenGameArt, the Free Software Foundation, and people who donate(d).

    You can check the complete rules for the competition.

    As far as code goes, I don't know if games made in C2 can enter.

    Releasing the exported code (so not minified on export) is "due" because of javascript's nature, but I don't know if it is a big deal/ok to release it in GPL.

    And with C2, the "true" source code is the capx. I don't know if this wouldn't disqualify C2 entries as capx can only be "compiled" in the IDE in windows.

    I guess if someone is interested in joining this competition, they should ask first and let us know <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    For CC, unfortunately the rules disqualify any entry. The IDE is open source, but the end game is executed/compiled only on windows.

    As for artists on the forum, I guess they can all enter.

    It's also worth noting that a lot of assets might be produced for this competition and could be a valuable source in the future.

  • I believe unminified export may work, but you should to edit .js and make a documentation.

    The source code must be an open source. I don't believe they will accept .capx

  • I asked, and it seems that Kyatric is right. The project is considered the source file, rather than the exported code, so I suppose that counts out using C2 for the coding phase.

    Still, the art phase sounds like fun, I might join in on this.

  • What are differences between the source file and the export file (unminified)?

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  • Source file => Capx, can only be read/used in C2.

    Exported project => JS, can be executed in any decent modern browser.

  • So... Do you think we should to deliver export file? i really don't believe they will accept .capx

  • PixelMonkey's linked to a thread on their forum.

    I don't know if the "Bart" account is an official one, but so far the answer is "C2 games are probably not accepted".

    Once again, to obtain a clear and definite answer, it might be worth posting on the forum of the cup and keeping pressure until someone from the judges/staff/official gives a definite answer.

  • Hmmmm... i think they only accept "typing code" instead of "generating code"

    Besides, i was reading other threads, but i found something similiar...

    They refused Flash games by Stencyl because bart said flash games aren't open source'd, but he noticed Stency may export HTML5 games, he said:

    I noticed on the site that in the future Sencyl might create native executables and/or HTML5 code. Depending on how everything works, there might be a chance that would fit in with the rules (it would depend if there are other dependencies on proprietary code, etc), but I can't make any sort of guarantee about that without getting some technical and licensing details and speaking with the other judges. I'm responding now because since those features aren't available yet it may be a moot point (if html5 and native executables will become available before July 31st, let me know and I'll check around some more).

    I need to revise my statement. Even if Stencyl produces HTML5 or native code, we can only accept it if the version of Stencyl being used to generate the code is also 100% free and open source.

    I'm not sure what he is saying about some software being used to generate the code is free and open source.

    I still need to wait Ashley's reply here about the generated code like export file by C2 if is 100% free and open source.

  • In the case of C2, it would mean that the IDE would need to be multiplatform and open-source. And that's just not the case, so C2 games can't qualify for the entry criterias.

  • The liberated cup first phase has started.

    Artists to your tablets and pencils, follow the style guide and win up to 1500 $ (US dollars).

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