Any Commercial Construct 2 projects?

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  • Hi!

    I am mostly designing commercial app's for iOS and Android devices. Having previously worked with Action Script, I got pissed by its clunkyness and I wanted to try out HTML5. After a day of research on the web, I have chosen to give a try to Construct 2 on my new project.

    So far, I am loving it. I have rewritten a few of my basic projects using Construct 2, and I am amazed at how my applications can run faster, even though I am using the same mechanics and sprites.

    Though, there is a quiestion in my mind. I haven't seen any commercial or full scale projects which were created by Construct 2.

    Is there a reason for this? Or was I just looking at the wrong places?

  • I remember an app is made with C2 and avaliable on App store of Apple, but it's compiled by PhoneGap and it's just like a question game or board game, there no animation.

  • Now is not really the good time to make mobile games with Construct 2. Scirra and some awesome people are working hard to improve mobile peformance. If you can wait for a few months, i think things will get brighter.

    If it's an app that don't have many animations, and you can make it within C2, then you choose the right way.

  • It's still early at the moment. But Scirra is contacting appmobi to work out a solution. But you can make simple app using construct 2 and phonegap , appmobi or cocoonjs right now with not much complicated stuff in it.

  • I have four games on Android Play now. All variations on a theme, casual games rather than hardcore gamer. I've only been developing games since Christmas, so have lots more to learn!!! Just search for "Jazzlebags" on Google Play.

  • Thanks for the replies, everyone!

    My apps are mostly casual and simple stuff. So far, I have seen that the performance on iPhones and iPads is not "terribad", although it took a lot of optimising events and I am still having minor issues with audio.

    Spending a lot of time reading this forum, I have learned many things and I think this is a great friendly community.

    I am working on polishing performance so I can publish some of my apps on appStore, and I will keep you updated on results.

  • Oh, and I forgot to say that I used CocoonJS for those trials :D

  • I'd like to see some construct 2 games on the appStore. I've noticed alot of developers are adopting the free to play model. Even Crytek, once they market their current games, are going completely free-2-play.

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  • Gilden

    As a small company, free to play model may be the best choice.

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