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  • The game I have in mind is a 2D platform game with a science fiction theme. I'll be the coder. What I need is:

    One to two graphics artists

    One to two music people (composers, sound guys, whatever you want to call yourself)

    The game will probably be a freeware one, probably availible through free download servers unless you have webspace you wanted to dedicate (and all that jazz).

    Credit will be given.

    I have a storyline in mind though I might be flexible on it.

    So anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone's interested to gauge whether we can get something rolling.

  • More information may generate more interest.


  • Here is the best way for a coder to get a graphics person. Make the game with place holder graphics. After you get done, or 3/4 the way though you will have no problem getting help for a quality game.

    Working with place hold er graphics will also make it easier to post caps if you need help

    Also post in a Graphics forum you will get more hits.

  • Adding to the above, it is very likely that you'd want to change some graphics after working on your game a while. It is best not to have someone put in a lot of time on graphics only to have change them. Also, people are very skeptical about "team" projects, which is why you'd want to have a lot of work done to prove you are serious about the project.

  • Hello,

    Do you have something to show us? Beside did you answer my PM?

    Best regard,


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  • Hello,

    Do you have something to show us? Beside did you answer my PM?

    Best regard,


    I answered your first PM, not sure if there was a second which I haven't gotten...

    I don't yet have something to show, and am the only one on this project so far. I've been a little busy so I guess I'll have to try to get a concept up, since I assume that that's what I need to try to generate much interest.

    Personally I find it difficult to make a game without knowing what the style of the art and all that might look like, but I can try.

    But if I can't really get good support of the idea(s) and all, I might not continue the project after all, to be honest. What I'm kind of good at is pulling things together, rather than creating things.

    Any other questions or concerns, I'd probably prefer to answer via PM.

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