CocoonJS pricing

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  • I don't know if this is official or final pricing for CocoonJS.

  • I wonder what the Publishing Partnership rev share split is?

    "Ludei will help you publish, market, monetize, optimize, promote and distribute your games worldwide through our partner network."

    Marketing is almost a full time job on it own. As a one person game studio Publishing Partnership sounds very interesting to me.

  • Prices are insanely high considering the game engine market..

  • Doesn't this kind of beat the purpose of HTML5. Construct 2 Licence 399$ + CocoonJS 500$/year. While Game Salad Pro goes for 299/year and exports to multiple platforms?

  • Crikey, for us we'll be paying $500 p/y just for IAP, plus up to $2000 more p/y based on projected users!

    At the industry standard freemium conversion of <1% the reliance on high-volume and low conversions makes this incredibly expensive when priced per-user. Though I guess that's where the rev share comes in.

    ludei care to comment on this? I'd be interested in hearing more about the rev share opportunity.

  • How did you find that URL? It doesn't look official (it's on, not The official Ludei site hasn't announced anything yet. So I guess these may not be the final prices.

  • How did you find that URL? It doesn't look official (it's on, not The official Ludei site hasn't announced anything yet. So I guess these may not be the final prices.

    I googled "cocoonjs price" and from the second page I found that link. Yes I do hope that it's not the final pricing for it.

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  • At 49$ /m it's almost better to get adobes creative cloud membership with the cloud phonegap compiler plus the whole adobe suite. Not sure of phonegaps performance though.

  • PhoneGap is more geared toward paltform compatibility and exposing device specific API's than it is with boosting performance. Though they say they are looking at accelerators for different platforms going forward...

  • I would like to know if we paid 49/mo, then we compile our games without CocoonJS splashscreen, now subscription is expired, do they will return cocoonjs splash screen to our compiled games via live update?

  • Periodic fees suck.

  • Actually depending on the percentage the Revshare is the way to go. it means that Ludie will take a percentage of ad's and sales revenue. However since you already need to front to another part(Apple, Google...) then Ludie on top it could cut in rather a bit. So it's really dependent on there percent request. but I could work with it :)

    however the $50 a month.... no thanks. only if I knew my games could pull in signifigantly more than the rev share features for publishing and app recognition.

  • Looks like the URL for pricing is now blocked, so it's still WIP. Fingers crossed they heard/listened to our responsive on this.

  • Guys,

    Breathe. That is inaccurate and unofficial. When we are ready to officially announce the pricing, you'll be the 1st to know. Interesting how someone can make up pricing and the whole world jumps on the reality of it.

    Here's what people will be paying for when they do use the platform:

    1) The license to use the CocoonJS Virtual Machine. The VM offers access to fixes, enhancements and extensions to the HTML5 spec (like acceleration, multichannel audio, haptics, Box2D, etc).

    2) The Ludei Extensions - access to native payments, native ad networks, push, analytics, access to cool new devices like the Leap Motion device, etc

    3) Unlimited access to the Ludei Cloud - cloud compilations, live updates, cloud storage, analytics storage and delivery, multiplayer, etc

    So, you will be paying for a VM license and cloud infrastructure. Consider us AWS mobile gaming.

    Additionally, there will be a free component that we believe will cover 80% of users.

    So again, do not believe everything you read.

    Last point. I've been doing this a long time. We do not expect to make everyone happy with out business model. I've found over time that someone will complain about a business model no matter how fair it is, because either they complain about everything or they believe everything should be free. And they are always the loudest.

    BTW - we love Scirra customers. Construct 2 rocks. And watch for our big announcement next week.

    Joe Monastiero

    President, Ludei

    <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I hope the big announcement is that they will support the Ouya controller.

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