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  • For people who write before reading/thinking. This is not a competitive product to C2. One thing in common is only export to HTML5.

    All nice and fine bla bla.... But few things got my attention:

    1. It looks a lot like Flash - without drawing

    2. They are writing and exporting to html5 natively. But can also export to Win, Android and iOS using their super cool and pimped out thing to convert javascript to C++. Wonder how this works in reality on real projects


    100£ - HTML5 export only

    200£ - HTML5 and Windows desktop

    300£ - HTML5, Windows desktop, Android

    500£ - HTML5, Windows desktop, Android, iOS

    all above are only for 1-year License. That's a bit strange price system. I mean, I know that's only Pledge price, but I start to wonder how much it will cost after release. What if I only want to export to Win and iOS?

    What I really like about that is only Scene Animation Editor. Well most of modern "game makers" or even old ones like click and play have similar thing.

    And I would really like C2 to get something like this asap

  • Scene Animation Editor is cool.

    As for their costing tier system - doomed for failure! Or success, but that is if their gamble pays off.

    I'm very skeptical. I doubt it will succeed... the entry point is too high for a unproven product where so many current similar products have failed where these guys say they will succeed.

    They still using wrappers... so... Oh, well...

    I wish them luck, it really looks cool. But... I am skeptical.

  • How is this not a direct C2 competitor?

    It looks like they're trying to appeal to both people who are upset that flash is being deprecated.

    Javascript to java or c++ is sort of pointless. Unless they have some really cool optimization techniques, v8 is already pretty darn fast ... script.php

    Best of luck to them, but that's definitely a direct c2 competitor imo, even after reading the kickstarter.

  • Looks like it's based on programming using a non-standard variant of Javascript that they've come up with themselves ("Object oriented Javascript"). So I wouldn't call it a direct competitor to C2, since it doesn't have an event system equivalent.

    Using a custom-designed language is risky: compilers are really hard to get right. Language/compiler level bugs can be extraordinarily difficult to deal with as a user, and a new language is going to be especially buggy. A major advantage of existing languages is you can usually assume they are more or less bulletproof and bugs are your fault, not some mysterious compiler bug that is breaking your code.

  • Looks interesting - I'll keep an eye on it.

    Those people have some really THICK accents though.

    Thank goodness they decided to add subtitles to their videos.


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  • vlweb3d because english is not their native language they are greeks i think, like me. the important thing is that they have an interesting product and not the thick accent.

  • spy84 yeah i know, it was just a joke, that's why I made sure to put LOL after my comment.

  • no prob

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