Is Clickteam Fusion 2.5 worth buying on sale?

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    startech, that's interesting. when did they begin on it?

    It's a massive misrepresentation of events - that quote comes from 5 years ago, when HTML5 was in its mobile infancy, and in the same interview Zuckerberg stated that long term, HTML5 was the future...

    Ashley super tired of repeating herself..

    Probably not easy to make something new, if you have no idea what the hell you are doing..

    Just my 2 pennies.



    I thought it was interesting too, I just found it today. I feel like the more true information we have from different sources the better off we'll be.

    Here is the full quote by Zuckerberg: (1:35)

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    I posted this because it sounds eerily familiar to what I went through in my journey with HTML5....

    Also, I found this from the creator of The Next Penelope:

    "However, releasing your game on just one platform is a luxury most small developers like me cannot allow themselves. Let’s be clear as water: I missed contracts that would have drastically changed my financial life because of that. No, not because of Construct 2, but indeed because of the HTML5 upon which it is based, and which it depends on. From improbable tweaks to drastic optimization, without counting the help I asked from the gifted programmers I know. I thought I’d find solutions along the way, but despite my efforts, nothing worked well enough to be proud of the result." ... -to-wii-u/

    I'm just trying to take an honest look at all of this and realize what the best next move will be......

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    : In what way what you are talking about is relevant to the original topic here ?

    (topic from a year ago by the way, thanks people to check the dates before posting in topics...).

    Closing for now.

    If you have a valid point to make (and not as mentioned an out of date quote about a technology that has, since, encountered 5 years of improvement), please post a new topic or post in an appropriate topic.

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