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  • Seems like Clickteam dropped the tired term "multimedia" and added .5 to the version number, but this still looks exactly like old MMF2:

    That event editor still gives me a headache. The only thing it got going for it are the exporters I guess. I also wonder how their HTML5 exported stuff compares to Construct 2, anyone with experience there?

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  • What was that older game maker they've had - TGF, yeah, original one. Was one of my first makers. But the one they've head before that - was it click and play? Yeah. Will never forget looking up examples of scrolling for that ( since it didn't had scrolling ). But in tgf, around year 1999/2000 I did a lot of cool things. My fav was the samurai combat prototype i did, with line of sight and enemy AI. Old times :D But let me get a grasp on construct instantly.

    I was thinking of going back in to game dev and getting in to MMF ( now Fusion ) but around that time I've learned about construct ( back then it was construct v 0.11 i think ) and decided to wait with it till construct will be more usable. As it stands had to wait till C2 came out, since CC was constantly crushing >.>

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