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  • Just bought a Chromecast gadget - first impressions are very good...

    But I cant control it from my main pc as it needs a wireless connection and my pc is wired

    Surprised to find that the android device is only needed to control the chromecast not to "stream" to it (at least with BBc iplayer and youtube , which are the only two I've tried up to now) - I was concerned about needing the android tablet needing to be on all the time (guess I should read about stuff before buying it )

    Now I need to find way to stream my stored videos - any suggestions or recommendations ?

    Anybody else got one ?

    (second time trying to post this as I was logged out and lost the post - guess I need to learn to type faster....ctrl A Ctrl C and press submit...fingers crossed )

  • I am sure google search will find apps that can stream video from your phone. But so far the good ones has full version cost couple bucks. What I am wondering is, how to make a game that I can stream to chromcast

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I bought "Plex" a couple of weeks ago but haven't got round to testing it yet.

    I would be good to be able to run games on it...

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  • sorry for the questions... but... what is chromecast? what is it used for? how much it cost?

  • ... index.html

    All I have used it for is putting bbc iplayer and youtube onto the tv - but now I have returned to using the PS3 for this.

    I bought it on a whim and should have done some more research into what it was. Even though it is cheap I would not (at this time) recommend it - but if google added a bit "more" to it ....

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