Chrome > Firefox indubitably!

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  • For me at least;

    Firefox takes 2-4x the time to start of Chrome.

    And Even Sound effects inside the C2 games get skipped in Firefox for me..

    Is this because of Chrome 64bit and Firefox runs 32bit?

    Anyhow.. I only have Firefox to check Website Updates without clearing the cache. And looking at my sites to make sure they aren't to buggy for people who do use other browsers then Chrome.

    What do you use? And more important, do you agree that Chrome is way ahead of Firefox at the moment?

  • I actually use both for the random reason that I need to be logged into two gmail accounts at the same time, haha.

    However, I tend to find myself using Chrome for most things for the reasons you mentioned, it just seems to be quicker and more reliable than FireFox.

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  • Yeah I should also mention that Firefox crashes far more

  • Chrome does not have a 64-bit version on Windows yet.

    A lot of Firefox problems are actually caused by addons instead of Firefox itself - do you have any addons? Sometimes removing them all and starting with a clean profile can fix some issues in Firefox. It still supports WebGL and its javascript engine is competitive with, and occasionally can beat, V8 in Chrome. So it's still a great browser to target for HTML5 games, especially with Firefox OS on the way.

  • Hm.. I do have some Addons, thx for the tip Ashley :)

    I though I had a 64 version of chrome :/

    (Is there a 64bit version for my Ubuntu os?)

    I still keep my bias towards Chrome until I have tried the out those fixes !

  • Schoening Ashley is right. I use to feel the same way until the Firefox guys emailed me this link:

    Reset Firefox ? easily fix most problems

    Just give it a try. I couldn't believe the improvement. It runs so much faster now, and even the Scirra Arcade games run better now with Firefox than they do with Chrome. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Tried now.

    No real improvement on the gaming front, try my shooter here:

    In firefox, the sound does not proc every shot.

  • Schoening I just tried your game with Firefox, and I didn't have any issues with the sound. It worked great for me I heard every shot on this end.

  • Hm.. I feared that a Little :D

    I will try to start my PC on ubunty OS later, perhaps the firefox there works... Dunno if my Windows is a bit quirky..

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