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  • I just discovered this piece of platforming bliss.

    I couldn't help but laugh out loud when hitting my head in the middle of a sprint.... guy fips over and rolls on the floor a few meters.

    Also, voice is hilarious. I'm loving this one.

    Edit: Perhaps I should post the link

  • This one is a really mixed bag. One the one hand, it has really nice production values. The art, animation, and sound are all really nice. And the level design is interesting. I like how some of the levels have multiple paths.

    But the control is... not so hot I would say. Sometimes it feels right, but most of the time it just feels clunky. Often times I would fail to grab a ledge when there was no reason on earth why I should miss it... my dude would be well above the edge of it, and I'd be pressing in the right direction, but he'd just fall anyway. And the inertia is rather unforgiving. I can understand having some inertia but this is just overkill. Unless you're running full speed then you jump or slide like, only half an inch. Obstacles that you trip over like small boxes and stairs are a cool idea, having to switch from running to walking to avoid them is a neat gimmick. But there were other weird problems like I would shake off all of the water after getting wet and he'd still slip anyway, as though I didn't do it all the way even though I know I did.

    Overall I would say that for a game like this the control really needs to be more responsive in order to feel truly satisfying. Maybe I just need practice or something, but I made it to level 2 or 3 of the second course and I still felt like I was struggling against the player more than the level itself. The controls detract from the game, but it's not bad overall.

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  • weird, they felt very natural to me. I breezed through most of the levels, getting silver and gold most of the time. There is a lot of inertia, but that's something that goes with the game theme of spectacular wipeouts (and I'd say it works).

    The only thing that has annoyed me so far is sliding in places for no reason, and that you can't jump if you're sliding (which you can do in real life). Oh and that sometimes you lose your balance when walking up to an edge and fall headfirst... which should only happen if you're sliding, imho.

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